Extra-Curricular Activities

Our institute has produced lot of talented sports persons and has acquired a very good name in intercollege sports meet.

Inplant Training

We also provide in-plant training to our students during the semester vacations.

Special Coaching Facilities

Students who are found weak in their performance are provided special coaching classes besides regular weekly/monthly tests and assignments schemes. Further they are completely monitored by the staff by bestowing personal attention enriched with special tutor.

Project work

All the students are to carry out a project work as part of their curriculum and submit a report at the end of their studies. Invariably the industries in and around the city sponsor most of the Project Works and students carry out the same in the industrial environment that they are able to obtain on hand industrial experience.

Internet Browsing Facilities

Internet Browsing facilities are provided in our Institution. Students can browse any website and download the technical informations available world wide.They can also access various project consultant materials and other resource materials required for their studies. A Browsing center is also available by which the students can access the Internet service.