Department of Pharmacognosy

This laboratory is well equipped with high magnification microscopes and apparatus required for extraction purposes. Research work is being carried out to identify the herbal plants having high medicinal value. Various standardization procedures are also developed for herbal drugs and their formulations.

Department of Pharmaceutics

Pharmaceutics encompasses an understanding of the basic physical chemistry necessary for the efficient design of dosage forms. The students are trained to manufacture these medicines in both small and large scale. Means in the biotechnology laboratory they study in depth about the cultivation, avoidance and elimination of microorganisms in medicines.

Department of Anatomy,Physiology & Pharmacology

Anatomy is the study of structure of the body and physical relationship involved between the body parts.Physiology is the study of organs of the body work and they co-operate together to maintain life and health systems.
Pharmacology is the study of biological effects of chemical substances on the function of living systems.
The pharmacological activities of newly synthesized drugs are tested here. A highly sophisticated animal house supplies the animals* for this laboratory. Separate arrangements are made to breed these animals. (* The animals include rabbits, mice, rats, guinea pigs, frogs, etc, which are legally allowed for doing experiments by the Government of India).

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The pharmaceutical chemistry laboratories are meant to inculcate the chemical aspects of drug molecules starting from the basic organic chemistry to drug design and synthesis of newer drugs. Students are trained to identify and extract newer chemicals and toxins from natural sources. Students are taught to determine the extent of purity of raw materials and drugs in pharmaceutical dosage forms by using highly sophisticated instruments.